A "Letter" to the Vendors

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by reawl, Aug 27, 2006.

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    Dear Fencing Vendors,

    There seems to be a problem with epee masks and uniforms. A large majority of epeeists can't seem to locate a decent kit that fits. They are constantly having to hike up their knickers (woah!) and adjust their mask WHILE FENCING. Yes, I've seen the occasional foilst do this, but it can be attributed to merely ordering the wrong size uniform; but with the magnitude the epeeists need to adjust on strip one can only come to the conclusion that there is a problem in the manufacturing...


    P.S. This is "letter" is NOT intended to be taken seriously, but rather as a farce to get across a humorous observation I made today at a tournament.
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    The "white lights" constitute the break for foil fencers. The bout for a saber fencer does not last long enough for needing a break "while fencing".
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    There are several issues at hand. Obviously you weren't really suggesting this to be a vendor or equipment, so I seek to explain this "phenomenon"

    1) Sabreists cannot adjust their mask as it would constitute touching the electrical equipment.

    2) Foilists run into the same problem adjusting knickers or masks because it might constitute covering target.

    3) The tempo of epee is quite slower than foil sabre, quite often, there is enough distance between the two fencers that if I quickly adjust my knicks the only attack you could mount would be a crazy out of control fleche that my result in a double or Imight be able to ready myself enough to counter attack or counter-riposte.

    4) Lastly, most epee fencers like to go slow. In between touches they often remove their mask or adjust their knickers. I personally see this as a way to gain control and mental composure. And in many cases it's a technique to slow the opponents momemtum or something of a similar nature. It is possible people do the same in foil, but I've noticed that epeeists especially like to employ that technique. I do.

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