7th Annual Sierra Nevada Open

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    The 7th Annual Sierra Nevada Open invites you to start the 2008-2009 season off with a classic tournament!

    Warm up with a fun Friday night team Epee event (bring your own team or pick up team-mates there), enjoy great food in the venue, plus downtown Chico is within easy walking distance.Stay with the Holiday Inn - use code MFG -and they will donate 10% to youth fencing!!!
    Tournament Registration $30
    Individual Event $20
    Team Event $15 (per person)

    Any event that is over 50 fencers is elgible for prize money. $500 First Place - $250 Second Place - $100 Third Place. Third and Fourth place will be fenced off.

    (Epee Open Event has passed 50 entrants becoming a cash prize event)

    Events Scheduled:

    Mixed 'Bring a team or pick one up there' Team Epee

    Women's Epee

    Women's Foil

    Women's Saber

    Mixed Epee

    Mixed Foil

    Mixed Saber

    Vet Combined Mixed Epee

    Vet Combined Mixed Foil

    Vet Combined Mixed Saber
    Event Dates:

    September 26 - 28th

    Preregistration opens on 07/12/2008.
    Preregistration closes on 09/25/2008.
    Register at askfred.net:

    for more info contact Margaret Brunelle at [email protected]
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