501(C)(3) Organizations

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    In a recent conversation at Battle Born's Vet Warmup, Mr. Perka (aka MFP) got me off on a tangent about 501(c)(3) organizations in our area of California. Now personally I like the whole concept of the 501(c)(3) as a way of approaching governance of a club. Basically, in my view, it provides structure and social mass for governance. And of course it has requirements. In respect to the latter his comments sent me off looking at current activities of the IRS who seem to have implemented an automatic revocation of status if certain, again in my opinion, fairly minor reporting details are NOT met. A basic one is to report the existence, location, and officers of the 501(c)(3) entity by filing a post card. But I thought it might be of use to others to read about these details. Here are some links for those who might be interested:

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