49th International Fencing Competition

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    49th International Fencing Competition

    „Alte Salzstraße"
    Men's Epee, Women's Epee and Women's Foil

    International competition north germany verry beautyfull region close to Lübeck/Hamburg with a lot worlclass fencers from sweden, germany, swiss, nederlands and others

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    here the date sorry :)

    You are hereby invited to take part in the
    49th International Fencing Competition
    „A l t e S a l z s t r a ß e ”
    Men’s épée, Women’s épée and Women’s foil
    Heads of the
    Entitled to take
    Last date of
    Entry fee:
    Typs of fencing
    to be held:
    Fechtclub Insel s tadt Ratzeburg e.V.
    Saturday, 30th August 2008 and
    Sunday, 31st August 2008
    Riemann-Halle, Ratzeburg
    Ingwer Seelhoff, Angelika Wolf, Dr. Ole Krönert,
    Heinz-Jürgen Belgard
    Any and every fencer from Germany and abroad who is
    entitled to fence in the active class (according to the
    rules of the German Fencing Organisation)
    The rules of the FIE must be adhered to. The heads of
    the tournament reserve the right to make any changes
    which contribute to a smooth sail of events.
    20th August 2008. Please use the enclosed entry
    formsheet and send it to the management - Peter
    Hoffmann, Reiherstieg 29, 23564 Lübeck
    Tel..: 0173-854671 Fax +49 451-8823693
    e-mail [email protected] or
    Don’t forget to include: full name and address, year of
    birth, the address of your fencing club and the
    classification of the participants.
    €15,-per participant. This sum has to be paid at the
    time of announcing one’s wish to participate
    Women’s foil - Singles
    Women’s èpèe - Singles
    Men’s èpèe - Singles
    Rounds system - The last eight fencers knockout finals
    Welcome to the
    49th International Fencing Tournament
    “Alte Salzstraße”
    30th and 31st of August 2008
    Riemann hall in Ratzeburg
    The fencing club Fechtclub Inselstadt Ratzeburg wishes all of
    you success in your fights who will spend this weekend with us.
    And we hope to see a fair and friendly competition – like in the
    years before.
    This year we have to thank especially the city of Ratzeburg
    which made it possible to keep our traditional date at the last
    weekend of August – although there have been construction
    works at the Riemann sports hall.
    Next year we will have our jubilee: the 50th „Alte Salstraße“.
    And we hope to welcome many of you again at our tournament
    in Ratzeburg.
    Angelika Wolf
    President FCIR Participation in both
    weapons not possible
    Please note:
    30th/ 31st August 2008
    Riemann-Halle Ratzeburg
    Direct or via Ratzeburg Information.
    Rathaus, D-23909 Ratzeburg, telephone +49 4541 858565.
    Here you can also obtain information about free camping
    Due to the tourist season in summer it is advisable to
    book your accommodation early.
    All participants fence or take part in the competition at their
    own risk. No liability will be accepted on the part of the
    management for accident etc. The same applies for anybody
    assisting or watching the events.
    Saturday, 30th August 2008
    9.30 a.m. - The men’s épée fencers will be called
    up by name
    as from 10.00 a.m. - Preliminary rounds men’s épée fencing
    11.00 a.m. - Women´s foil and épée fencers
    will be called up by name
    as from 12.00 a.m. - Women’s Preliminary rounds followed
    by intermediary rounds , épée and foil
    Sunday, 31st August 2008
    10.00 a.m. - The competition continues
    approx. 2 p.m. - Finals men’s and woman’s épée and
    foil fencing
    The organizers reserve the right to make time changes if
    Only plimsolis, tennis shoes and the like may be worn in the
    at the competition

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