US Fencing 2019-2020 NAC Schedule published

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    I know Palm Springs used to be a popular NAC destination (before my time). It's nice weather year round, 90s or 100s from April to September but it's a dry heat, 70s+ rest of the time with <10 days of rain per year. Did USFA get priced out because it's become so trendy there? Or maybe the venue is too small for us now? The airport is right in the city although it's expensive to get too. Nonstops to the east coast but not too many options. Nevertheless, Ontario is serviced by Southwest and is under an hour away (driving Ontario to Palm Springs could be faster than Ontario to Anaheim traffic depending).
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    I am sure that you realize that "the west coast" is not synonymous with "California".

    We have had NACs in Portland a couple of times.

    For that matter there were a couple of NACs in Ontario itself.

    I suspect that indeed as InFerrumVeritas said California overall has gotten very pricey since the '90s, and that that is why we no longer see much in the way of NACs there. They still manage to afford to hold regional events there however. Wonder how local organizers manage to afford it when the NO can't.
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    The Palm Springs Convention Center was renovated in 2005 and I *think* the largest contiguous space they have is about 92,000 square feet, which is pretty small for US Fencing.

    And, as many many others have said, it's not just the convention center that's important, but the ability to get a sufficient number of rooms at a price that is reasonable. It may be that there isn't enough hotel space in the area anymore.
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    Larger cities also book out much further in advance than NO seeks bids for - which is usually 1-2 years ahead. I was very active with the American Bar Association for many years and their national meeting (which can only be held in about 6 or 7 cities due to number of hotel rooms needed and number of conference rooms within hotels for continuing ed and committee meetings) is set a minimum of five years in advance. If you go to the ABA web site, you can see that their annual meeting location is set through 2025 right now. It doesn't seem that our NO likes to look that far out in advance.
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    I doubt that the ABA is concerned about conflicts with any other event. This is not the case with US Fencing which tries to avoid conflicts with the three World Championships, the Grand Prix's, the junior and senior World Cups, designated cadet international competitions, and the regional PanAm senior and junior competitions. The dates of some, if not most, of which are not known until the year before. Even then, their dates can change or not be announced until after we've committed to a date for one of our competitions and so the attempt to avoid conflicts is not totally successful as can be seen by the fact that the PanAm Championships are on the first five days of our Summer Nationals this year. US Fencing has also had to implement a Strength Factor to adjust the points awarded at NACs because their dates sometimes end up conflicting with international competitions. Thinking that US Fencing can schedule its events up to five years in the future is totally unrealistic.
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    I don't think it's as short as you think. While Colorado isn't announcing events more than a year in advance, they're definitely looking--the bid packet cited above is seeking bids out to 2025.
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    The NACs are usually on the same dates each year. (For example JOs are always on President's weekend.) About a third of junior world cups conflict with NACs, but some are designated anyway. The best and strongest EFC cadet circuit events aren't necessarily designated, but rather the ones that don't conflict with NACs. The April Championships often conflict with jr/cdt worlds. NACs are sometimes on SAT dates. (Especially bad is the when the November NAC is scheduled on the only SAT date with the listening language tests.) While I am sure conflicts are considered, the dates of national events are pretty consistent, so the venues could be being booked quite far into the future.
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