2017 Coaches Academy to be held at Keystone College

Discussion in 'Coaching Corner' started by Jeremy Schmid, Jan 30, 2017.

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    The United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) is pleased to announce that this year’s Coaches Academy will be held at Keystone College from July 30 - Aug 6. Keystone is located in La Plume, PA near Scranton.

    The USFCA Coaches Academy is an intensive week-long training seminar based on the National Training Program, a system for developing fencing coaches from beginner to advanced in each of the three Olympic fencing weapons, working progressively though all aspects of coaching. Attendees have the option to take the written and practical exams to certify as moniteur, prevot, or maitre (maitre requires a written thesis approved and accepted by the Certification and Accreditation Board before the seminar). For more information on certification procedures see http://usfca.org/Certification/ExamPolicies.aspx.

    Maitre d’Armes Vincent Bradford, Olympian, national foil champion and four time national epee champion, chairs the Professional Development Committee that oversees educational development and the Coaches Academy. Bradford was assistant director of the USFA Coaches College in the 1990s, serves on the USFCA Certification and Accreditation Board, has a masters degree in Kinesiology, has taught and coached fencing for twenty-seven years, and recently retired from Northwest Vista College as a tenured Associate Professor of Kinesiology.

    The USFCA Annual General Meeting will also be held on August 3 at the same location. Details and registration for the USFCA Coaches Academy will be announced soon.

    The USFCA is dedicated to the development of better fencing through better coaching and to the support of fencing coaches in the United States.
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    I missed this when you posted it, but I think this is a tremendous development. If it's still going next summer I may apply to go. I hope it's a huge success. Please report back on how it went, ok?
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    Wow, Vinnie has retired? Time flies.

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