2016 Olympic Qualification - Women's Epee Update

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    Women’s Epee

    There is a familiar feel to the top of the Women’s Epee “Race to Rio” – led by Daniel Levavasseur’s World Champions, China, closely followed by World Silver medalists and European Champions, Romania. Winning two consecutive world cups in Legnano and Nanjing has probably cemented Russia in the top 4, after a disappointing start to the season by their standards.

    The other form team is the USA, who have won consecutive bronze medals in Legnano and Nanjing after a three year absence from the podium at a world level. Another country cheering on the USA girls is Venezuela, who look like doing enough to stay in the top 16 and qualify for Rio if the USA can hold its place.

    With China assured of a top 4 finish, South Korea will qualify from the Asian zone and try to improve on their silver medal in London.

    South Africa are not looking like they will get into the top 16, so that place will go to the highest ranked non-qualified team. What this means is that France, Ukraine, Estonia and Italy are fighting for the remaining two places in Rio. Estonia and Italy have already started to bridge the gap by outperforming their rivals in Nanjing, but still have some work to do if they want to qualify.

    Key Dates:
    24th January – Barcelona
    14th February – Buenos Aires - Final selection competition
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    Thanks for sharing this informative report.

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