Need saber or epee asst instructor willing to try new weapon

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    Hi. I run Lightspeed Saber Academy in Orange County, California. We're based out of Golubitsky Fencing Center. We are the founders of Lightspeed-saber fencing. We need an assistant fencing instructor, preferably with saber or epee experience. Foil can also be applicable. It would only be a couple hours a week.

    Note that this is a totally unique discipline. It is NOT just saber but with lightsabers. As traditional fencing goes, it is a combination of saber and epee. So the applicant must be willing to learn novel terms, concepts, and techniques. Big plus if you have any ref certifications.

    If you're interested, please email me at [email protected]

    We are part of Lightspeed Saber League, an organization with nine clubs and schools under its umbrella in the USA.


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