Poule and DE details now missing from Askfred

Discussion in 'Tournament Results' started by Mary Turzillo, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Nov 1, 2017
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    In attempting to understand my performance at a recent tournament, I discovered that only the ranking in each event is now shown. I can no longer access my poule results or my DE results. Is this something new? I neglected to photograph my results at a recent tournament, and now I don't completely understand how I arrived where I arrived in rank. Anybody have any information?
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    This doesn't appear to be a general problem; I just looked at some recent tournaments and everything is there. I did see the tournaments I think you are referring to and as you say the results are the only thing there. Probably the people running your tournament didn't submit the scores; maybe they weren't using Fencing Time, or it broke or something of the sort.
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    This probably has to do with how the organizer imported the data from the results. If they uploaded the fencingtime file, it would show all of the pool results/DE results. But if they only manually entered the final results, then that's all you'd get to see. I would suggest emailing the organizers and seeing if that's what happened.
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