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    Few years back I'd signed on as "beginner" but I guess I'm past that level now. I see no way to change user name, so I started a new one.
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    Yoseb yoon
    Yoonnamjin fencing club in Korea.
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    Iam a simple man.
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    Ethan Moore
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    Patent attorney now? Read your SLC audio post. Also former telecom engr turned PM.
    1. cfulmer
      No, just a plain old attorney. Patent law is all about trying to capture the largest protection for the smallest invention. Tried it for a summer during law school, made me fell unclean.
      Jul 5, 2017
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    Looking to gain tournament experience
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    Love your comment to Sam about the wheel barrow
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    Iam a very simple person..
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    These violent delights have violent ends.
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