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  1. datvangquangninh
    Tham khảo dự án Sao Vàng City Uông Bí tại:
  2. san xuat giay ve sinh
    san xuat giay ve sinh
    san xuat giay ve sinh
  3. ngochuyen9933
    AN PHU INTERIOR DECORATION CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. Building houses in Ho Chi Minh City. please contact us Mr Ngân 0911.120.739
  4. snowboard for rent
    snowboard for rent
    snowboard for rent
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    Server -Workstation - Storage
  6. Saucer
    New to fencing
  8. MikeHarm
    hmm looks like the blog posts are now tweets?
  9. ngochuyen9933
  10. rarveras
    rarveras twisterfencing
    Hi Gary, any feedback on the NEPS samples I sent you ? Tnx in advance
  11. Brooklyn Tech Fencing
    Brooklyn Tech Fencing twisterfencing
    Hi Gary,

    We have the Favero Full Arm 05. A member on our team plugged the wrong thing into the power supply and turned the machine on. The machine made a high pitched noise for a split second and then just turned off, people smelled smoke. Our robotics team can help, but need a schematic or repair guide. Since you seem to have a lot of experience could you please advise

    Thank You,
    Yehia Ellis
    1. twisterfencing
      They blew out the main board. Here is the part you will need to replace it: Art.0430-0950 - FAV.A108A, CPU electronic board for Full-Arm-05, here is the link, its in the middle of the page, you can order it directly from Favero easier since you live closer than I do:
      If you need a repair manual, let me know by send me an email
      Oct 5, 2018
  12. esgrima
    esgrima Craig
    Hello Craig, I have recently published a book on Lulu about fencing with foam sabers and would like to know if it is ok to start a thread about it and post a link to it. Thank you. Take care.
  13. myipis
  14. rarveras
    rarveras twisterfencing
    Hi Gary, I wonder if you had the oppportunity to test the MEPS samples I sent you ! Thnks in advance !
  15. wintrustarena
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  16. ngochuyen9933
    Tư vấn sản phẩm nội thất và thi công thiết kế nội thất: Ms Oanh: 0988.493.550 - 0911.054.539
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  18. phuonglinh1107
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  20. Mac A. Bee
    Mac A. Bee is a Verified Fencing ExpertMac A. Bee Ancientepee
    Thanks for the Oppenheimer post. There are Oppenheimers in my family, though I've never heard about her.