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  1. rarveras
    rarveras twisterfencing
    Hi Gary, I wonder if you had the oppportunity to test the MEPS samples I sent you ! Thnks in advance !
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  3. ngochuyen9933
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  4. phuonglinh1107
  5. phuonglinh1107
  6. anhduc1403
  7. Mac A. Bee
    Mac A. Bee is a Verified Fencing ExpertMac A. Bee Ancientepee
    Thanks for the Oppenheimer post. There are Oppenheimers in my family, though I've never heard about her.
  8. CookieWarrior
    CookieWarrior DangerMouse
    Hello DangerMouse, I saw in some parts of the forum that you own the PBT superlight uniform. I am considering either Pbt or LP apex but leaning towards pbt since price is a big factor in this case. May I know your opinion on stretchiness of PBT superlight for the breeches? I have rather big muscular legs and my old breeches (PBT balaton) restricted my lunges in sabre a lot. Thank you in advance.
    1. DangerMouse
      I bought mine in Hungary in 2005, so they have likely changed since then. Mine do not stretch much, but because they fit me well, it isn't an issue for me. I haven't bought a uniform in a long time, but the last time I did, the stretch uniforms were a lot heavier than the non-stretch. I decided the light weight mattered more to me than stretch.
      Sep 10, 2018
  9. Netero
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  10. jhon
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  11. rarveras
    i'll send you a link to my website page
  12. Mac A. Bee
    Mac A. Bee is a Verified Fencing ExpertMac A. Bee rarveras
    I am not a Facebook user, so do you have an alternate link?
  13. rarveras
    Never mind , already sent you through regular post. Please allow 2 weeks.
  14. rarveras
    Mind sending me yor contact email or phone ( fedex needed) ? thx
  15. rarveras
    Will do ASAP Thx in advance
  16. rarveras
  17. twisterfencing
    twisterfencing rarveras
    Gary Spruill here from Sword Masters,
    I just read your post on
    If you want to send me some screws to review, feel free to do so.
    I do not need any barrels, I have here a couple of thousands here that are all new to use.
    Will give you me honest opinion on what I find.

    Send to:
    Sword Masters
    Attn.: Gary Spruill
    900 Emily TRL
    Azle, TX 76020

    Take care,

    Gary Spruill
    1. rarveras
      Hi Gary, have you received the NEPS samples I sent you? Thx
      Aug 26, 2018
  18. baovesamurai
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  19. kynanggame
  20. anhduc1403