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Looking for a place to learn the how to fence?

Finding a place to learn fencing can be a little tricky for some people, because a quick Google search in your area often turns up the wrong type of “fencing”. To try and help combat that, we’ve collected all official US Fencing member fencing clubs into a single searchable map. Just enter your general address below to see your local options!

This club locator tool is useful to find options in your general area, but do make sure to double-check the information on a club before you hop into the car. Some clubs are smaller and therefore registered to the owner’s personal home address instead of the location where the club meets. And, secondarily, fencing is still a smaller sport. Not every city will have a fencing club.

And finally, just in case: fencing salles, fencing academies, etc. are all synonymous with fencing clubs. There are many names for the same thing – they are all places where people learn the sport of fencing!

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1 Comment

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