Italy Tops Qualification Standings for Men’s Foil

Paris proved great for the US.

The top 4 qualifying teams remained in the top 4, but an early loss by Japan gives Germany hope. In the Olympic team foil event, the top-4 teams qualify directly to the Olympics followed by the top team in each Olympic zone (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe).  Great Britain is allowed a spot due to being […]

Olympic Qualification Analysis – Men’s Epee after Legnano

Despite flat performances, most of the top qualifiers remained in place.

The top seeds this weekend came out flat and did nothing to solidify their spots while two fencers on the outs made big moves to displace their countrymen.  Ulrich Robieri (FRA) makes an appearance taking 2nd at the event.  Does he even have a shot at qualification? What else is going on with the qualification […]

Men’s Epee – What to Watch for in Legnano

Despite flat performances, most of the top qualifiers remained in place.

The final leg of Olympic qualification for Men’s Epee begins this weekend in Legnano, Italy with a World Cup event.  This event provides standard points, with 32 points to the winner down to 2 points for a 33-64 finish. US fencers Soren Thompson and Seth Kelsey look to keep their bids alive with strong finishes.  […]

Geza Imre (HUN) Captures the Vito Noto, Women compete in Coupe d’Europe 2012

Vito Noto International Cup

Soren Thompson (USA) participated in a Men’s Epee feature event in Italy, held just one week before the Legnano world cup kicks of the second half of the Olympic qualifying season.  Gladius shared the following recap in the forums: Geza Imre (HUN), #2 in the 2011 world cup rankings, won the Trophy “Vito Noto”, Men’s […]

Fencing in the Media: Sports Advertising Edition

Asics - Not Fencing Shoe

Fencers are popping up in some more advertisements.  This time it’s Asics that features a glimpse of a couple of fencers.  British Fencing turned us onto the ad: The Asics shoes are used by some fencers (see our Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Shoes article), but Here’s the video:

Remembering Charlotte Remenyik – NW and OSU Coach

Remenyik in 1981.  Photo Ohio State

The Ohio State University blog posted a profile and obituary of former head coach Charlotte Remenyik, who passed away December 21, 2011. Remenyik came to the United States from Hungary after the revolution in 1956. When she arrived in Chicago with her husband she knew she wanted to teach fencing, but she had only a […]

Yale Researchers affirm the Hot Hand in Sports

Can scoring streaks or going on a hot streak be confirmed?  Photo: S.Timacheff/

Having a “hot hand”, going on a run, being “on fire”. Across all sports there are examples where an athlete seems to suddenly be unstoppable – hitting every action, or nailing every shot from the field. The idea of the “hot hand” in sports is something widely believed, but there has not been any scientific or statistical proof to back it up.

Live Results from the Portland NAC

Spiffy USA Fencing QR Code for the Portland NAC

USA Fencing is providing live results this weekend at the Portland Division I and Junior North American Cup (NAC) event.

SOPA – Why you should call your Senator to Oppose It

SOPA will censor websites across the Web.

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) is a really bad bill that looks to be on the fast track for voting when Congress comes back in session.  I usually don’t say anything about politics on this site or on the forums – I’m supposed to be reporting on fencing and working on linking out to other […]

Remembering Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson

CBS’s Charles Osgood takes a look back at the work of fencing master Bob Anderson and notable photographer Eve Arnold.   Read more at CBS News

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