6 Questions for Dagmara Wozniak

Dagmara Wozniak fencing

I enjoy fencing people who run a lot! It’s more satisfying when you set up a party riposte last second! For me the high intensity and high speed is so much fun and a great workout! Bam!

How to Fence Epee – Fabian Kauter’s Fencing Guide

epee fencing

Learn the basics of epee fencing from Fabian Kauter: Fabian Kauter of Switzerland gives us complete guide to Olympic Epee Fencing, explaining the event’s rules, tactics and his own enjoyment of the sport.

Fencing in College – How to Get on an NCAA Fencing Team

2014 Ivy League Round Robins (Video)

Fencing on a collegiate team, whether it be a Division I NCAA team or an intramural club fencing program, can be a very rewarding experience. If you plan on fencing in college, it’s best to do your research on the various programs available to you at the schools where your academic interests take you. Most top tier colleges have fencing available – either as an NCAA or collegiate club program, so you don’t have to give anything up on the academic side to find fencing in college.

An Interview with Max Heinzer

Max Heinzer is a global fencing phenom, currently ranked fourth in the world. Adversity seems to be the fuel of Max Heinzer. Whether he is down on an opponent, hobbled with injury, or weary from his intensive training regimen, Max’s love of fencing, resilience, and relentless determination to be the best drives him through any hardship.

Fencing: Safer than Badminton


A study of injuries occurring in Olympic competition ranks fencing as having one of the lowest injury rates, making it one of the safest Olympic sports. Only 5 summer Olympic sports posted lower injury rates than fencing in this study of injuries from the 2008 Olympics. (Those were diving, synchronized swimming, rowing, kayak, and sailing.) […]

Tutorial: Live Results Using FencingTime with Dropbox

Jae Sang of Z Fencing LA posted a great tutorial in the forums for using Fencing Time and Dropbox to post live results for your next fencing tournament. Instructions for Publishing Live Fencing Tournament Results using Dropbox: Using the live publishing feature of fencing time without having to ftp into your website, you can use dropbox […]

Cannabis, Fencing, Funions, and Phish

During the May Executive Committee meeting for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the committee made the decision to increase the threshold level for marijuana from 15 ng/l to 150 ng/l, creating a new victory for athletes who smoke pot.

Susie Scanlan: We Bonded as a Team

Susie Scanlan and the women's epee team after defeating Italy

Everyone loves an underdog.  Entering into the 2012 Olympic Games, US Women’s Epee Team had climbed up to fifth in the world – up from 16th after the 2008 Olympics.  They had taken silver in St. Maur earlier in the season. In spite of that, most countries still didn’t take the Americans very seriously.  Well […]

refFinder – Helping to Connect Referees and Tournaments

During a pause at a recent tournament I took a few minutes to record an interview with Phil Butler, one of the masterminds behind refFinder.net. At a mere 21 years of age, Phil has started what appears to be an essential part of the future of fencing.

9 Fencers in Fox’s 99 Sexiest Olympic Athletes

Fencing is a sexy sport. At least that’s the implication as 9 fencers made Fox’s list of 99 Sexiest Athletes of the 2012 Olympics.

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