Contour Fit Mask

The Contour Fit System is a revolution in mask design:

The new, internationally patented design is available on all our FIE Masks and will soon be available across our range. The fitting system is fully adjustable and may be replaced as necessary. The spring clip has been removed and replaced with a Contour fit disk held in place by 2 elastic straps. The first runs horizontally through the disk and the second runs from the top edge of the disk to the roof of the mask. Inside the mask is a new shaped forehead pad that is thicker and more durable. It contains a hydrophobic Coolmax layer that wicks moisture away from the head and carries it to the outside of the mask from where it can easily evaporate.

” Definitely more comfortable, a better fit and noticeably lighter.”
– Laurence Halstead, top British Fencer

The two main elements consist of:

1 The Washable forehead restraint
This washable pad has three-point adjustment and an integral cushioned area for the crown of the head. The pad can alter how far your face sits from the mask shell and how tightly your forehead is gripped. The lining of the padding is made of a hi-tech breathable fabric, which actively transports moisture away from the skin, preventing perspiration from running into the eyes.

2 The Contour fit Disk
The disk is a flexible polycarbonate plate that moulds itself around the back of an individual’s head. It is attached to the mask by three adjustable elastic straps. These control tension and the position of the disk in both the horizontal and vertical plane. This means all aspects of the mask’s fit can be changed making it the most comfortable and secure fencing mask in the world.

Fitting instructions:

The forehead padding (Ref 56CP) is attached by Velcro to the top of the mask and by two further pieces of Velcro that run behind the bib at the sides. The position of the face within the mask can be moved closer to, or further from the mesh of the inside of the mask by removing and replacing the forehead padding in a new position. It is best to try a few different positions to see which offers best comfort and visibility. The padding can be removed and replaced or washed on a delicate cycle at 40°C and left to dry in a warm place.

The Contour fit disk (118CD) can be purchased by itself or as a complete Contour fit assembly (118C). The disc completely replaces the traditional spring case making the mask both lighter and more comfortable. The mask can be tightened by increasing tension on the horizontal elastic (in conjunction with moving the forehead pad). The position of the disk can also be adjusted vertically by altering the length of the elasticated Velcro that holds the disc to the top of the mask.

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