Video Mashup on Sabre Attacks

Aldo Montano

Fencing.Net user CyrusofChaos who runs released a great new video mashup of Aldo Montano’s attacks in sabre. Montano has a very aggressive style and does what has been named here as a "Trample Attack".

Montano won the Olympic Gold in Athens and was the anchor for the Italian team that took bronze in Beijing. Click through to watch the video.

Here is the video highlighting Montano’s attack style:

This video should already have you sabre fencers buzzing about some attack sequences to try at your next practice. Also, note the use of video here.

Take your own videos and analyze how you perform certain actions and why they are successful (or not). Do the same to videos you have of your teammates, or those fencers you bump into a lot.

Once you’ve analyzed some of your own video, post in the forums (or email us) about what you’ve found out.

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