Fencing Drills

Soviet Foil Drills (Reciprical Drills)

Straight attacks.

The following drills are designed to develop the fencer’s sense of distance and timing as well as the fencer’s ability to maintain distance. Only straight attacks are allowed with a lunge, advance lunge, or jump lunge (ballestra). Double advances or fleche is not allowed. The attacking fencer may not run down the defender.

A. One fencer is designated attacker, the other is the defender and does not have a weapon. The attacker will attempt to score a touch by using distance stealing footwork. The defender will attempt to avoid being touched by keeping perfect distance.

B. Both fencers will hold a weapon but there will be a designated attacker and defender. The defender may not use the weapon to avoid being touched. Distance is the only defence that may be used.

C. Both fencers wil hold a weapon and there is no designated attacker. Both fencers may attempt to score a touch with a straight attack. When one fencer attacks, the other must defend with distance.

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