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Interview with Luigi Tarantino

The following interview with Luigi Tarantino (ITA) was posted to the Moscow Saber 2012 web site:

Luigi Tarantino (Italy)

Luigi Tarantino (Italy) – 1998 World Champion in individual event. 1996 “Moscow Sabre” silver medalist, 1995 and 2004 bronze medalist. On November 10th, 2012 Luigi will celebrate 40th birthday.

Luigi, how many times did you fenced at “Moscow Sabre”?

You won’t believe it! For me this is the 22nd “Moscow Sabre”!

What is the secret of your longevity in the sport?

Fencing is my hobby. I enjoy both training and competing. That’s why I don’t get tired; I don’t feel stressed or unbearably weary. I am happy that I have been able to enjoy fencing for so such a long time.

What changed in the sabre fencing since the moment when you won an individual World Championship in 1998?

Prior to introduction of new timing for score the hits, fencers used to demonstrate more complex technique, implemented various tactical plans, and now to get a high result you must be simply quicker than your opponent.

However, you are still among the leaders of the world fencing. How did you get this great result?

It wasn’t very difficult for me to adjust my technique to the new rules, because I was taught to fence differently. This is achievement of my first coach from Russia Sergei Koriazhkin; he won “Moscow Sabre” in 1987, but I still didn’t to manage to repeat that.

Do you have difficult opponents, with whom you don’t like to face?

For me it is difficult to fence against Aliaksan Buikevich from Belarus. He is tall and more over he is left-handed with long arm it is difficult to reach him. In contrast I like to fence against Russian fencers, probably because we share same fencing school, after all I have learned basics of the sabre fencing from the Russian coach.

Will the London Olympic Games be last for you or you will try to set the record of the sports longevity?

No, that’s all. You should leave sport in time, before you become ridiculous on the piste. I think that I will find something other what will give me the same joy as the fencing.

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