FIE Sabre Refereeing DVD

{mosimage} At the Prague World Cup this DVD was shown to the sabre referees and is being published by the FIE. The video files (in total 40 minutes) show with descriptions and live video some interpretations for the attack in sabre and also point in line after an attack.

[Editor’s Note: At least the first part of this video is now invalid in its stance against the low line attack in sabre according to the most recent decisions from the FIE Arbitrage Commission.  – Related Story on Low Line Sabre Attacks.]

Fencing FIE Sabre Arbitrage Part One


The DVD concerns itself a great deal on the application of the low line position in sabre and how that affects the attack. The maestros in this DVD are pushing for the interpretation to be that a sabre held low (in seconde) would be a preparation and not an attack. Cuts from the flank position and tierce would be considered attacks, just not those starting with the point of the sabre below the opponent’s waist.

While we are not sure how this will translate down to the USFA and if it will change any calls that we are seeing now in international competition, it is an attempt by the FIE to clarify the current interpretations of actions in sabre fencing.

Guidance from the USFA is expected in the next newsletter from the Fencing Officials Commission (FOC)

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