Penn State Takes Early NCAA Lead

{mosimage} Penn State University holds a 5 bout lead over Ohio State for the NCAA fencing championship at the end of the first day of competition. Notre Dame ended the day in 3rd with 47 victories tallied.

Leading the day were Mike Momtselidze of Ohio State in Sabre and Gerek Meinhardt of Notre Dame in Foil with 13 victories each. Momtselidze led the sabre event with 13 victories, followed by Daniel Bak (PSU), Max Stearns (OSU), and Aleksander Ochocki (PSU) with 12 victories each. Daryl Homer (St. John’s) tallied 11 victories wile Avery Zuck (Notre Dame) and Jeff Spear (Notre Dame) ended the day in double-digits with 10 victories.

{sidebar id=1}Meinhardt led the foil field with 13 victories and is followed by the Penn State pair of Miles Chamley-Watson and Nicholas Chinman who ended with 12 and 11 victories respectively. Rounding out the top of the field are Duke’s Daniel Cohen (11 victories), Kurt Getz (Columbia, 10 wins), and Collin Sutter (OSU, 10 wins).

The epee event was led by Beji Ungar of Harvard whose +31 indicator has him narrowly ahead of Wayne State’s Slava Zingerman. Both are tied in victories with 11 each. The tight epee field features three fencers tied for 10 victories each: Daniel Trapani (Air Force), Graham Wicas (Princeton), and Benjamin Wieder (UPenn).

Dorian Cohen of Duke withdrew from the foil competition after 10 bouts due to an injury and was 19th or 24 fencers at the end of the first day of fencing.

The men’s fencing continues tomorrow while the women’s fencing commences on Saturday March 21st, concluding on Sunday March 22nd.

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