Fencing Photo of the Week: Men Sabre Team Medals

Men's Sabre Team Silver Medals w/Yuri.  (c) 2008 FencingPhotos.com

There were so many photographs that did not make it into the "Image of Fencing" book and the 2009 Calendar.  I’ve asked Serge Timacheff if I could post them here on a regular basis and he agreed.

This photo (taken by Serge – http://www.fencingphotos.com/) is of the US Olympic Men’s Sabre team and coach Yuri Gelman.

The Men’s Sabre team was able to earn a medal for all four of the team members: Keeth Smart, Jason Rogers, Tim Morehouse, and James Williams because the coaches put Williams in during the Gold Medal match vs. France.

The Women’s Sabre and Women’s Foil teams elected not to use their alternate in their matches, and the rules for the Olympics are that only the fencers who fenced can earn team medals.  (This hurt the French Men’s Epee team as well.)

This photo captures the immediate afterglow of being awarded the Silver Medal.  Though they lost to France, the medal was not expected and really earned by the clutch performance of Keeth Smart during the earlier rounds as he came from behind to win matches for the US Team.

We’ll have another photo and story or description up next week.  In the meantime, you can look over more photos at http://www.fencingphotos.com/.

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