Williams Retiring from Fencing?

James Williams  photo by Amy TimacheffAccording to Tim Morehouse, the fencing career of 2008 Olympian James Williams (pictured, left) may be at an end.

On his blog today, Tim wrote:

Beijing Olympic Medalist and current #3 ranked US men’s saber fencer James Williams, 24, has recently accepted a job offer to work for a hedge fund in San Francisco. He will discontinue traveling and competing for the rest of the season in what is a huge blow to the US Men’s Saber Team.

Williams was a virtual lock to qualify for the 2010 World Championships in Paris and he is the second most veteran member of the national team. While he has not officially retired, it’s unclear if he’ll be able to continue his career. At the age of 24, he felt the need to begin his professional career and so after a lot of thought, he accepted the offer and he will move out to San Francisco next week.

Read Tim’s full post for a rundown of the current US Men’s Sabre point standings. If Williams is indeed done for the season, and beyond, then it will leave the US Men’s Sabre team down to only one member of the 2008 Olympic team. Ben Igoe should move up to the 3rd spot with the 4th slot for the team in contention.  (6BDXS4CYZA86)

Here is some video of James Williams fencing Lopez (FRA) in the gold medal match of the 2008 Olympic Games:

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