Felcia Day fences in her Flog!

Felicia Day getting dressed for fencing
Felicia Day getting dressed for fencing

Felicia was concerned with torn nipples, but no worries we have breast guards!

Felicia Day took at trip to Swordplay LA to get a fencing lesson. Check out this video where she learns some footwork, warms up, and gets dressed out for some saber fencing.

To respond to a couple of Felicia’s comments:

  • Yes Felicia, you do get a really big thigh on one side from all of the lunges! (And larger calf on the “back” leg.)
  • I always wear my cup, so don’t think you’ll be taking me out that way if we ever fence. (DragonCon is coming up and that’s in my backyard – so let me know if you’re up for a challenge!)
  • I want to know why you didn’t break out your assassin moves from Dragon Age 2

Here’s the video:

And a couple of more photos:

Felicia Day dressed to fence

Getting ready for battle.

Felicia Day fencing at Swordplay LA

Felicia Day – Fencing Champion (or at least light saber champ)


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