Nemcsik Wins Moscow, Morehouse top-16

Zsolt Nemcsik (HUN) dashes Russian hopes and wins the Moscow Sabre Grand Prix event, defeating Korea’s Eun Seok Oh 15-12. The top US finish was Tim Morehouse in the top-16, finishing 11th.

Russia was expected to do well at the Grand Prix, as this is their home town event. The video below highlights the Russian point of view of the event results:

Tim Morehouse finished 11th. Other US finishes included James Williams, 34th, Daryl Homer, 38th, Ben Igoe, 51st, Jeff Spear, 53rd, and Mihail Etropolski, 64th.

In the team event, the US finished a disappointing 11th, dropping a match to 10th seed Germany.

Russian story: Russian ambitions stabbed at home fencing event

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