Arkady Burdan Foundation Offers Fencing Scholarships

Ron Clark Academy Fencing Demonstration
Ron Clark Academy Fencing Demonstration

Ron Clark suits up for a fencing demonstration, assisted by Sada Jacobson-Baby

This news comes out of the local fencing market as Nellya Fencers has started a non-profit with the goal of funding fencing programs for some students.  (Fencing.Net helped out with providing some of the gear for the demonstration.)  Here is the release about the demonstration:

On October 2, 2012, the Arkady Burdan Foundation presented a “Fencing is Fun” assembly for the students of Atlanta based Ron Clark Academy. Three-time Olympic medalist Sada Jacobson-Baby, President of the Foundation, and Donald Anthony, President of USA Fencing, led the presentation.

Nellya Fencers’ own top ranked junior fencers, Skyla Powers (age 16) and Lena Johnson (age 15) gave a spirited demonstration. Heads of school, Ron Clark and Kim Bearden (with coaching help from Sada Jacobson-Baby and assistant coaches Terrence Lasker and David Douville) enthusiastically fenced 2 five-touch bouts for the student audience.

“It was truly an honor and a pleasure to be part of the Arkady Burdan Foundation’s demonstration at the Ron Clark Academy,” said USA Fencing President Donald Anthony. “The Ron Clark Academy is an amazing school with wonderful, bright, energetic students and staff. The demonstration was the first opportunity for many of them to be exposed to fencing and they were very excited with the prospect of experiencing it again. It was obvious that The Ron Clark Academy truly appreciates the new relationship with the Foundation and I expect great things to come from it.”

In January 2013, the Arkady Burdan Foundation will offer fencing scholarships to five Ron Clark Academy fifth graders. Each child will receive private and group instruction as well as equipment.

The Ron Clark Academy has an outstanding reputation for providing Atlanta area students with opportunities to pursue excellence.  Nellya Fencers dynamic community of athletes and coaches, under the direction of Maestro Arkady Burdan, U.S. Olympic Coach, will create an exceptional opportunity for these students to learn fencing in a highly professional and competitive environment.

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