Keeth Smart profiled in ESPN: The Magazine

Keeth Smart is making the media rounds and is profiled as US Fencing’s “Bad Boy Makes Good” in this well written Richard Cohen article.  Cohen, author of By the Sword, provides a look into Smart’s beginnings as a fencer, his relationship with sister and Olympian Erinn, and how he’s worked with Peter Westbrook and Yury […]

Road to Athens: Women’s Sabre

The 8th and final Olympic Qualifying World Cup concluded on March 27, 2004.  Based on those results the direct qualification to the Athens Games is set.  The big winners were France, China, and the United States who all qualified multiple fencers to the event. How are the athletes chosen for the Olympics? Since the women’s […]

The Road to Athens: August 2003

Looking at the qualification process for fencers hoping to make it to the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.