The Fencing Post

The Fencing Post, located in California. US distrubutor of both its own equipment and major brands like Favero and Uhlmann. The offer a 20% discount for e-mail orders, making their pricing much more realistic.


Image Vendor Name Date Reviews Rating
Linea 350NW Mask The Fencing Post Linea 350NW Mask January 27th, 2009 2
JL Foil/Epee Mask The Fencing Post JL Foil/Epee Mask January 23rd, 2006 2
\"LINEA\" Two Compartment with wheels The Fencing Post \"LINEA\" Two Compartment with wheels April 5th, 2006 1
Custom Stenciling (flags, national colors, etc.) The Fencing Post Custom Stenciling (flags, national colors, etc.) January 27th, 2009 0