Founded by Maestro Georgio Santelli, the "maker of champions", George Santelli, Inc proudly manufactures and distributes fine fencing equipment from our factory and from premiere suppliers like Leon Paul. For over 50 years, the Santelli name has meant the finest fencing equipment and service.


Image Vendor Name Date Reviews Rating
Sabre Mask (Item #50) Santelli Sabre Mask (Item #50) July 15th, 2003 1
Santelli Standard Equipment Bag Santelli Santelli Standard Equipment Bag July 22nd, 2003 5
3-Weapon Mask w/ Detachable Bib Santelli 3-Weapon Mask w/ Detachable Bib July 17th, 2003 2
Santelli Weapon Stretch Nylon Jacket & Pants February 16th, 2004 0