Zivkovic G

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Summary: Exceedingly Comfortable
March 4th, 2009

I use this grip on my Vniti foil. While there isn't a great deal of difference between this and the BII (see my BII review), I do agree with Zivkovic that the G provides a little more support. To me it feels like my fingers have a bit more room than the BII; also the grip feels slightly heavier than the BII. This grip encourages good finger control like the BII and that combined with the slight perceived extra weight and comfort makes it an ideal choice for my Vniti blade which has good point control at the expense of being slightly heavy.

 ***Edit. As stated in the BII review, with some more fencing years under my belt I decided that while this grip does the aforementioned well, it too easily encourages wrist motions. I have since moved to belgian grips which, while less comfortable, give great finger control while discouraging wrist motions. I have also found that different types of belgians (small variations in length and height affecting the placement of the fingers) work for different weapons depending on the balance of the weapon. However, I think it would still be reasonable to use this grip in the circumstance where my hand was greatly fatigued and/or I expected to be in strange angulated positions often. 

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