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Summary: Quite Comfy
March 5th, 2009

I have been fencing foil for about 5 years now (mostly recreational, some tournaments) and have been trying to find an ideal grip. I'd say I have medium sized hands. To me, ideal means that the grip encourages good finger control, doesn't make the blade feel too heavy or light, and is comfortable, especially in motions like prime that require strange wrist movements.

The BII fits all of the above criteria and I use it on my LM blade (I'd probably use it on a BF as well). I use the similar Zivkovic G on my heavier Vniti blade. I've tried almost all grips but find that the BII has the finger control, comfort, and weight balance that serves me best.

I found that the Zivkovic BIII encouraged good finger control, but due to its relatively small size, it often felt uncomfortable and the smallest blade movement resulted in blade actions that were larger than I intended.

*** Edit. So with some more fencing years under my belt I decided that while this grip does the aforementioned well, it too easily encourages wrist motions. I have since moved to belgian grips which, while less comfortable, give great finger control while discouraging wrist motions. I have also found that different types of belgians (small variations in length and height affecting the placement of the fingers) work better for different weapons depending on the balance of the weapon. I can see why no one else posted in this section since grips are highly personal but I wanted to share my thoughts nonetheless in the hopes that they may help someone hone in on their own preferences.

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