Favero FA-01 Scoring Machine

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Three-weapon scoring machine for club or tournament use.
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Summary: Good basic machine
January 27th, 2009

The below is dead on, I just thought I'd add my tidbit for what it's worth and give any additional insight.

The previous review really is very good.  Usually we set the machine up a foot or two from the strip at hour club, so seeing the lights is usually no big deal, especially with the large arrays of LEDs.  It is excellent for club use, the default volume isn't bad, but if you're in college and competing for gym space or trying to scare some potential trespassers away from your space, turning the volume up will definitely get them to leave, through sheer tone and volume, it's deafening.  The default volume isn't too bad though.

It is pretty large, but easy enough to stow.  We keep ours in the original box it came in along with the floor cables and extension power cable.

One plus is that there is a variety of timing options available for how long the lights stay on after a touch.  IIRC, I believe you can set the box to reset after 1, 3, or 5 seconds, or manually (hit the button each time to reset it).  We usually set ours on 3 seconds.

Anyway, good machine, I recommend it.

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Summary: a decent machine with no frills
November 26th, 2008

The FA-01 is Favero’s club model.  As such it is primarily suitable for use at club and for local tournaments however it does not include the bells and whistles required for FIE competition (such integral time and score).


It is relatively inexpensive and the large display makes it easy to see – at least from the front.  Unfortunately the lights can sometimes be difficult to see from the side (more on that latter).


The buzzer has two settings – loud and painful (supposedly the buzzer was originally intended for use in smoke detectors), however there is no problem hearing the machine in a large, noisy venue.  Too bad the buzzer won’t turn off at some point when the fencers are disconnected.


The FA-01 comes in both wall-mounted and table-mounted models.  The table model is highly recommended over the less expensive wall model unless the machine is to be mounted on a wall and never move again (the wall model relies on screw terminals for connections such as the floor and power cords, rather than plugs).

The machine itself looks a bit like an electronic billboard (which makes sense when you look at other realize products made by Favero Electronics  - the company appears to have gotten its start making electronic scoreboards).  At almost 60 cm (22 inches) it is wider than most machines, however even with the table base it's only about 10 cm (4 inches) deep so it really isn't that difficult to store (and it fits nicely into the flat case which Favero also sells).

Favero machines use groups of LED’s rather than incandescent light bulbs.  This allows the machines to run on a much smaller power supply than older machines (500 mA at 12 Vdc).  Unfortunately LED’s tend to emit light in a rather narrow beam (rather than a broad swath like an incandescent light) so the lights can be difficult to see from the side, especially if the machine is close to the side of the strip and the action is near the end of the strip).  Another annoyance - the off target lights are yellow rather that white.  This can sometimes make it difficult to distinguish between on and off-target lights (personally I wish that Favero had chosen smaller arrays of white LED’s for the off-target lights, similar to what they did on the FA-05).


Favero machines are easy and relatively inexpensive to update.  When the "new" timings first cam out Favero developed a dual-mode update chip that could switch between old and new timings.  Now that the timing changes are permanent any new machine should have a T-2005 timing chip.

The Favero FA-01 is available through a number of different vendors, including Fencing.net, Blade, Fencing Post, Swordmasters and TCA.

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