Foil/Sabre Body Cord

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Uhlmann 2 prong bodycord for foil and sabre.
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Summary: the only cord you need,
April 20th, 2007
fencing with a reliable blade will only solve so many problems when on the strip. the body cord is easily looked over, but still essential to an overall working fencing kit.

my uhlmann bodycord is in it's fourth year now, and only now has it really needed repair. i believe the wire's came loose in the plugs after awhile, and they needed to be refitted. hardly a huge fix, and i took care of it pretty quickly.

so reliablilty and durability for this cord for me has been undeniable. on top of that, i think it is the most compatible 2-prong cord. i've been able to use it without a problem in bg sockets, absolute sockets, and any other versions. the prongs just fit snug no matter what socket i plug it in. and the retaining clip always keeps it locked in.

my only problem however is w/ the retaining clip. if you don't watch it, it can come loose and and you'll lose a ton of parts. and unfortunately it's not cheap to replace either. a little glue or keepin an eye on it however will take care of that problem.

oh and the alligator clip is great too. when closed, the clip actually has a gap that you can fit the cord in, so when you wrap it, the clip can go right over the wire without causing any damange.

i don't have much of an opinion on the bayonet style cords like the negrini or lp, however i prefer the two-prong b/c of the availability and compatibility to most other weapons.

after investing anywhere between $100.00 - $150.00 on a reliable blade, what's another $30 for a great cord which is equally reliable?
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Summary: Pretty Darn Good
March 18th, 2005
Same as the epee cords.

Durable, but a pain to fix.

I do like the retaining system much better than the bayonets or french design.

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Summary: Very nice
August 13th, 2003
A very nice piece of equipment, holds up well through use. Has the handy retainer clip, and the prongs have good contact with the socket on all my foils. But remember, it's just a bodycord, so if you are going to invest, this is the last thing you should spend big bucks in.
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Summary: Great, but a few faults
July 24th, 2003
I second all the good points and bad points given by the other reviewers. The biggest positive is that these body cords give consistently good contact with the sockets they plug into. There are two more irritations that should be mentioned, however. First, if you don't pay attention the screw that holds the retaining clip can come loose and when it does the parts go flying and odds are you won't find them all. I put a drop of nail polish on the head of the screw to help keep it in place.

Another problem is that moisture can work its way into the cord from the two-prong end. After a while you can see the discoloration of the wires through the transparent insulation. I suspect that this corrosion is part of the problem with the habit of the wires breaking at the junction with the two prong socket.
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great bowyer
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Summary: good as they come
July 21st, 2003
i have no complaints except for the rubber piece that protects the end of the wire. i have found that by wrapping electrical tape around this part helps it and solves the problem for the most part. other than that, i have done nother to mine since i got them a year ago, and they are still going strong.
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Summary: Good value
July 17th, 2003
I've used Uhlmann cords since I began fencing a year ago. They are Much better than the average b-cord for several reasons. First they are made of quality parts that don't break down quickly. The prongs actually fit into the recepticles that they are intended for. They are easy to fix whenyou do tear one apart from harsh use.

I have the same cords I started with 13 months ago, and they are working just fine. I've had to fix the wire near the 2-prong on two of them, where I've bent it over so many times that it snapped the wires, but that was easy!

I will admit that the strain relief could be a bit hardier, but after trying out a friends generic cord that wouldn't fit into the foil without a hammer, I'm satisfied with what I have!
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Summary: Top of the line.
July 11th, 2003
For the longest time I was one of those people who thought that all body cords were alike and had roughly the same failure rate. After all, they are all just insulated metal wire with a few connector prongs. You could make one out of lamp cord, a few nails, and some tape in a pinch right? As a result of this attitude I have always purchased the cheapest of cords until a couple of months ago.

I got my first Uhlmann foil cord by accident. I had ordered some for a few of the other fencers in my club, and I wound up ordering one two many. I had every intention of sending it back when both of the brand new "bargain" cords I had just bought quite working.

The first thing I noticed was the heft. The Uhlmann cord is much thicker and of denser steel than that of most of the others out there. The hard plastic at either end has a feeling of substance to it, and the connectors are surrounded by smaller pieces of spring steel that bulge out to insures a good contact.

I do have a couple of small complaints that seems to be common to all the Uhlmann cords. The plastic sleeve that covers and protects the wires from abrasion of the stiff clam shell socket is very thin and low quality compared to the rest of the item. This sleeve wears through very quickly and almost all of the failures I have ever seen or heard of have been the result of the wires fraying at the head where the cord meets the socket.

I used the Uhlmann cords for over a year before I switched to Leon Paul cords and I still recommend the Uhlmann cords to my students that want a decent cord but are not sure how to take care of them and that don't want to spend very much. For their price they are probably the best 2 prong cords on the market.
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