What CEOs can Learn from Fencing

Columbia University coaches on CNBC's Power Lunch

Columbia Fencing head coach Michael Aufrichtig joined Aladar Kogler on CNBC to discuss applying business skills to coaching a fencing team, getting fencers in the right mental state, and what fencing can teach CEOs. Check the video here:  

Escaping the Matrix: There is no Perfect Technique in Fencing

Ace Eldeib in action against Poland's Majgier in the Cadet Men's Epee event.

Jonathan Yergler is posting more articles to his blog “The Fencing Athlete” and yesterday’s entry is about how there isn’t a perfect technique to fencing. Rather than being a call to ignore technique and just fence by feel, Jonathan is referring to those that obsess over doing “the action” and divorcing that from the tactical […]

Video – The Origin of Non-Combativity

This is one of the reasons why we can’t have nice things! The team epee match that may have been the impetus for “passivity” which evolved to the current non-combativity rules.

2014 Fencing Calendar ready for Pre-Order

2014 Fencing Calendar Cover image by Serge Timacheff

The 2014 Fencing Calendar is now available for pre-order at the Fencing.Net store.  This calendar features dynamic images of fencing at the world level as photographed by Serge Timacheff, owner of FencingPhotos.com and the official photographer of the FIE. This calendar features shots from the 2013 fencing season including the recently concluded World Championships.  Pre-order now for holiday delivery. […]

Fencing for the Edge Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Fencing For The Edge

Holly Buechel launched an IndieGoGo campaign for her feature-length documentary project “Fencing For the Edge” today. Holly and her film crew spent time last season filming meets and building relationships with teams so they can follow them this season, but Holly wants to be able to have additional film crews to be able to film […]

Archery is Catching Fire with Hunger Games Tie-In

Catching Fire promotional poster

Not a fencing update, but another small Olympic sport is picking up a lot of new members off of pop-culture tie ins. USA Archery more than doubled its individual memberships in the last two years. The sport is accommodating that growth by working on coaching development programs. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – From side braids to […]

Fencing and Assassin’s Creed 4

Naomi Kyle fencing

IGN featured fencing on their Cheap Cool Crazy! web series with tie ins to Assassin’s Creed 4. In this segment, Naomi Kyle visits Halberstadt Fencer’s Club to learn fencing, which she describes as a great way to lean balance, discipline and concentration. Here’s the full video: The fencing specific portion starts at 2:54 into the […]

The Fencing Coach’s Guide to Finding the Right Club


Every club offers a unique set of people, coaches, and facilities to satisfy a particular fencer’s needs. These criteria should help you evaluate the club that is (or isn’t) right for you:

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson fences Olympic Medalist [Video]

Bruce Dickinson fencing

Bruce Dickinson showed up at before Norwegian national fencing championships and set up a fencing session against Olympic silver medalist Bartosz Piasecki. Needless to say, the much shorter and older Dickinson was quickly outclassed by Piasecki, but left a good impression. Piasecki said of Dickinson, “He’s kick-ass. He is short but incredibly fast. That’s his weapon. […]

Fencing Around the Web

fencing referee take back card

Kids Playing in the Street: A Coruña The fencing club 100Tolos put on a street demonstration that they’ve posted up to YouTube. Even if you don’t speak spanish, check out their web site as it’s nicely laid out with great visuals to bring visitors in to fencing. They even have a fencing weapon chart that […]

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