Making the call – Attacks in Foil

fencing referee hand signal for on guard or en garde

This particular call is hard. It further demonstrates the danger of only watching one fencer and looking for a mistake.

Mariel Zagunis wins July USOC Athlete of the Month Honors

Mariel Zagunis

Mariel Zagunis was named the USOC Female Athlete of the Month for July following her silver medal finish in individual and gold in team at the 2014 Fencing World Championships. Men’s foilist Gerek Meinhardt and the US Women’s Sabre team were nominees for July honors as well. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Top performances throughout July earned […]

Stephen Colbert fencing on Capital Hill

Stephen Colbert Fencing

Stephen Colbert was spotted on Capital Hill wearing fencing gear. He was filming a segment for Comedy Central’s Colbert Report  on Friday. Two photos were posted to Facebook showing Colbert and Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH). The congresswoman’s office confirmed that she was participating in Colbert’s “Better Know a District” segment. She participated in fencing in high […]

New FIE Rule for Fencing Masks


As of September 1st, 2014 fencers at FIE competitions will need to adhere to the new ruling on fencing masks needing two independent security devices. This was already discussed in the Armory section of the Forums when Alex Paul posted a FAQ on the new mask rule and how it impacts the current masks. The […]

How to Watch Fencing on YouTube: a Basic Guide

Pizzo (right) is a master of preparatory blade actions and deserves a watch by all Epee fencers. Image courtesy of Wikimedia.

Last week, I briefly touched on the importance of YouTube and how watching it religiously could make tangible improvements to your fencing career. I wrote: “YouTube is such a valuable asset to your training and preparation for a tournament. The upcoming 2014 World Championships in Kazan will be streamed live on the FIE’s YouTube Channel, […]

2014 Fencing World Championships

2014 World Fencing Championships

The 2014 Fencing World Championships kick off with the preliminary rounds for men’s and women’s sabre on Tuesday, July 15th. This promises to be a week full of great fencing along with the requisite surprise performances and upsets. For the USA, Miles Chamley-Watson looks to defend his crown in Men’s Foil and Mariel Zagunis to […]

Improve your Refereeing with Badgermille

Badgermille is a new site dedicated to helping fencing referees practice with online video.

Badgermille – The Referee Crowdsourced learning platform In many other sports there are sample videos and online learning portals for referees so that the national organizations can educate the mass of referees at the local level to proper calls and various points of emphasis for the seasons. In the US for fencing, this communication is […]

Fencing Silver Medalist takes on a Challenger with a Tree – and scores!

Piasecki is so good he can get a tree to set off the scoring machine.

This is a crazy video to show on fencing Friday! Usually these types of videos come out of Japan, but today’s comes from Norway where Olympic Silver Medalist Bartosz Piasecki takes on a celebrity in a fencing bout. Piasecki’s handicap is that he doesn’t get to fence with an epee. He gets to use: an umbrella, […]

Hitting the Reset Button and Moving Forward After Summer Nationals

Damien competed in his first saber nationals. Photo credit: Cindi Williams-Moore

Unless you’re a member of the Mo, Sirico, Simmons, or Horowitz families, chances are, you’re scratching your heads wondering “what went wrong and what could have gone better at summer nationals?” I know I am. Whether it was my subpar conditioning that couldn’t get me through Division III Saber or the fact that Division I […]

Awesome Fencing Fan-Art

usa fencing mens foil fan art

Race Imboden tweeted out some fan art of the US Men’s Foil Team: Tracing this down led me to the Instagram account of oh_maju who had a number of other teams depicted: Japan Russia Germany Italy This is great art – I can’t wait to see what comes up between now and the 2014 World […]

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