2015 FIE Congress Summary

2015 FIE Fencing Congress

Following the 2016 Rio Olympics, sabre fencers will fence a very different sport but epee fencers won’t need to worry about black cards for non-combativity. Early reports from the 2015 FIE Congress held in Guangzhou, China point to the largest rules changes being in sabre. The maligned rules proposal for non-combativity was removed. That rule […]

Why Fencing Lessons are so Short

Fencing Lessons are an Important Building Block for the Fencer. Image Courtesy of Wikipedia.

Private lessons are not a luxury in the sport of Fencing—they’re a necessity, an investment in expanding the athlete’s repertoire, gaining an advanced tactical understanding, and building a bond with one’s coach. It’s no surprise that parents beginning in the sport have a healthy skepticism regarding their value, given their price and length. Lessons will […]

Big Bang Theory: Fencing Lesson and Glove Slaps [video]

Fencing on the Big Bang Theory

No, we don’t teach the proper glove slap technique to challenge someone to a duel when they insult you or dishonor you. Prepare for fencers at your next beginner class to say “Prepare for a rigorous touching”, but coaches – don’t ever say that. (SafeSport) What was the reaction to this episode?   Nell’ultima puntata […]

Non Combativity – Are DQs the Answer?

Epee fencing 2012 Olympic Gold Medal Bout

The problem of non combativity might put fencing in a dangerous position in the next Olympic Games if not efficiently resolved.

[Road to Rio] Olympic Qualification Update – October 2015

2016 Rio Olympics

The FIE senior circuit has started back up and with it we have several points updates as teams and individuals compete for qualification points. The Road to Rio post outlines the qualification process for the 2016 Olympics fencing competitions. In October there are updates for Mens and Womens Foil and Saber. To further complicate things, […]

Fencing on the Big Bang Theory

Fencing on the Big Bang Theory

On a new episode of The Big Bang Theory, the guys will learn fencing from Kripke in the episode titled The Perspiration Implementation.  Here’s the trailer – If anyone at fencing practice says to prepare to be touched, here’s why: Here’s the official published synopsis: The guys take a fencing lesson from Barry Kripke and Sheldon […]

Ruben Limardo gains sponsorship from Absolute Fencing Gear

Ruben Limardo - Olympic Epee gold medalist

Olympic gold medalist Ruben Limardo is now sponsored by Absolute Fencing Gear in the run up to the Rio 2016 Games. Limardo is the latest Olympian to land a sponsorship deal with Absolute. (US fencers Mariel Zagunis, Miles Chamley-Watson, and Daryl Homer are also sponsored by the NJ equipment supplier.) Here’s the text of Absolute’s […]

FencingMob Hits the Streets September 6th


Are you ready for the #FencingMob? Join your club in the worldwide fencing flash mob and look on social media for FencingMob photos and videos on Fencing.Net, US Fencing, the FIE, FIS, and other channels. Clubs: Let us know where your event will be!   Here’s a video from the 2014 event: Below is the […]

Uptown Fencing: Engarde in Harlem [Video]

School Fencing

Fencing in the Schools and their program at Democracy Prep in Harlem just got featured on Vice Sports. Watch the video here: You shouldn’t have to go to a private school to fence. – Tim Morehouse Tim Morehouse has parleyed his silver medal from the Men’s Team Saber event at the Beijing 2008 Olympics to […]

How to Clean a Fencing Mask


Over time, and many bouts of use, you may notice that your fencing mask has a bit of a stench to it. It’s time to figure out how to clean your mask, or to plug up your nose while fencing! All fencing gear gets sweaty, but a fencing mask isn’t something that you can just […]

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