Kliebrink Injured after Attack in Shanghai

Benjamin Kleibrink (GER) won the Olympic Gold medal in Men's Foil at the Beijing Olympics

German foilist and Olympic Gold Medalist Benjamin Kleibrink was rushed to a hospital in Shanghai, China following an assault at a restaurant. According to the report (translated from German), Kleibrink was exiting a restaurant after a team dinner and was attacked from behind by a European (the attacker’s identity has not been disclosed). Following the […]

Michelle Obama gets fencing lesson from Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad

Michelle Obama got a fencing lesson from Team USA Olympian Ibtihaj Muhammad at the 100 Days to Rio event held in Times Square, NYC. Now that both Michelle and Barack Obama have learned some fencing from Olympians, when do we get to see them duel? NEW YORK (AP) — First lady Michelle Obama wrapped up […]

How to Earn a Rating at a Fencing Tournament

Craig Harkins Epee 2008

I recently answered a question about earning a rating over on Quora. Here’s some of the response that I gave: Instead of focusing on your rating, which is a “high water mark” type of measurement, it’s best to focus on individual goals for each tournament. When I’m at a fencing tournament I have a desire […]

The Fencing Coach’s 2016 NCAA Fencing Championship Predictions

Jonathan Yergler yelling at things.

For 99.9%, the month of March is associated with March Madness. For us geeky fencing types, the only thing that matters this month is March Stabness. 2016 brings 144 of our nation’s most talented fencers to my beloved alma mater, Brandeis University, where they will compete for individual titles, a team championship, and a coveted […]

Predict the 2016 NCAA Fencing Championships

NCAA Fencing

Now that the entries for the 2016 NCAA Fencing Championships have been announced, it’s time to get your fantasy fencing picks in. 14 Meters has launched a site for you to pick your own NCAA Fencing Championships Bracket. You can find that at: http://ncaa.14meters.com/. Discuss your predictions on the accompanying forum thread. The NCAA Men’s and […]

Fencing and Motion Capture – Fencing Visualized Project [Video]

Yuki Ota motion capture

This motion capture example from Yuki Ota could be the future of fencing on television: The video looks to be the latest in a project on motion capture and pattern recognition in fencing, at least from piecing together what’s available in a couple of the YouTube videos released. Discussion continues in the forums. In late […]

Aladar Gerevich Named 6th Greatest Olympian Ever

Hungarian fencer Aladar Gerevich

According to a new infographic, Hungarian fencer Aladar Gerevich is the 6th greatest Olympian ever. Taking into criteria such as the total number of medals, gold medals, individual gold medals, win percentage and the number of Olympic events competed in, Gerevich came out top over household names such as Usain Bolt

In Loving Memory of Bob Cochrane (1948 – 2016)

Bob Cochrane: 1949-2016. Image Courtesy of USA Fencing

Every fencer has a story about the glee, the comfort, and the joy that Bob Cochrane brought to his/her life. We can remember Bob Cochrane for his prowess on the strip. There were few fencers out there who had a more astute understanding of the tactics, timing, and mental game needed to win a bout. […]

Road to Rio: Aldo Montano’s Big Win in Padua

Aldo Montano world cup win.

Aldo MONTANO (ITA) can do no wrong. Following up his Boston GP victory with a home win in Padua, Aldo is a fencer built for big occasions. Diego OCCHIUZZI (ITA) could not gain on Luca CURATOLI (ITA) for the second place for Italy. This is a regular update column from David Baker who has been […]

Road to Rio: Women’s Epee Qualification Update

Estonia womens team epee gold Barcelona world cup

Women’s Epee Teams after Barcelona: USA Locks Qualification The 4th World Cup of the Olympic Qualification Season asks which countries would be able to step up and join the teams already qualified for Rio: CHINA, ROMANIA and RUSSIA. In Barcelona, that team was ESTONIA – rocketing to 4th place on the ranking with a stunning […]

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