Uses for Old Fencing Blades – Tomato Stakes

sabre blade plant stake

Got a bunch of old fencing blades that you haven’t left at the club or thrown out yet? Go ahead and take them to your garden: Post by Mid-South Fencers Club. What other uses for old fencing blades do you have?

How To: Make a Hard Blade Cover

epee hard blade cover

Over the past few years the hard blade cover has become a staple for a large number of fencers. Whether it’s to protect blades against the baggage handlers who view the burst rate specifications on materials as a challenge or a way to keep the shiny metal off of sweaty uniforms we’re not entirely sure. […]

Epee Assembly – Do it Legally for Summer Nationals

Legal Epee

At this year’s Summer Nationals a new level of scrutiny will be placed on epees during inspection before bouts. According to sources within the referee community, a stricter standard of compliance is being leveled on epees related to the wiring between the blade and socket. The interpretation is of rule: m31. 7. The two wires […]

New Epee Point Screw Reviewed!

The NEPS screws and driver kit.

We received our copy of American Fencing magazine and saw that Ben Bratton had written up a review of the NEPS screws and driver that he tried out. For those that don’t receive American Fencing, you can read the version that Ben posted to his blog. Once you’ve read that and decided that you want […]

Buying Youth Fencing Shoes

Asics Junior Gel Rocket

Confused about what shoes to buy your child for their fencing classes? Take a look at our guide to purchasing shoes for your youth fencer. We’ll break down a few of our finds to fit those kids with feet smaller than the normal range of regular fencing shoes.

Leon Paul Evolution Grip

This Leon Paul grip uses Sugru as a molding agent for shaping to your hand.

This looks interesting.  Sugru allows for molding of the pistol grip to just the exact shape that you want.  This is an evolution from the rubber piece featured on the Golubitsky-Pro pistol grip and a smart idea. I also like the packaging – Leon Paul is taking a page from Apple on the out of […]

New Product: NEPS Epee Point Screws

NEPS - New Epee Point Screws

This is a pretty cool new product that came across the Armory Section of the Fencing.Net Forums.  An engineer in Spain had come up with a new epee point screw that was compatible with the existing epee tips but designed to be longer lasting and to hold into epee tips better than the current grub […]

Prat Saber Handle – Confirmed FIE Legal

The PRAT sabre handle has been approved for international competition by the FIE.

An orthopedic handle for saber?  Back in 2010 the Poignée Prat saber handle was introduced and sold via the manufacturer and Cartel Escrime.  Speculation abounded about the legality of such a handle based on the rules around “pistol” or orthopedic grips in sabre. Fast-forward to 2012 and we now have reports that the Prat handle […]

Review: Leon Paul SR-71 Epee Blade

We mounted the LP SR-71 with our favorite guard - the Vniti

Now that Leon Paul’s SR-71 FIE epee blade has been out for a while, I wanted to explore how it has lived up to the hype surrounding its release. Leon Paul provided a sample of the new blade at its release that we mounted onto our preferred setup of Vniti guard with a standard […]

The Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Shoes

fencing shoes

Just what are the best shoes for fencing and what type of shoes should you get? Do you need the high-end fencing shoes, or can you go with a budget model?

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