Italian and French terminology
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    Italian and French terminology

    Why is it that all the explosive athletic displacement type attacks and counterattacks have Italian names, and all the elegant bladework terms are in French?

    Is it because the Italians are more offensive?

    oops!!!! that didn;t come out right!

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    fléche is Italian?

    What movements were you referring to exactly?

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    Dodging is not exactly what I'd call explosive or athletic, sudden or surprising maybe, but no more athletic than "duck" or "lunge" (note the English names ).

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    Displacement and counter attacks are the most important part of the Italian game. Most of these moves were invented by Italians so that's why the Italian name is used for them.

    Other terms are French for the same reason: the French game relies heavily on techniques that had to be invented at the time. A good hand is necessary to fence well in the French style, a lot of bladework is involved.
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