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    Coating a mask

    As I've posted before, I have a mask that is not coated (so, presumably it can't be used to fence electric foil outside of practice). Is it possible to coat the mask yourself instead of forking out the extra hundred bucks?
    If so, what exactly would I use to do the job?
    Any suggestions?

    Any feedback is appreciated

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    Any good spray enamel should do the job--rustoleum, for example.

    Mask off the parts you don't want painted, and spray using a light misting action. Coat both inside and out. Use two coats.

    Voila...coated mask.
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    Painting Masks

    I have painted my mask before. I first removed all the rust. Lacker thiners, to remove all the old paint and/or rust. Sencondly, I masked off all the aears that I didn't want to be painted. Then I used a car primer. After that I used a car expoxy black paint. I worked great for me until I purchased my FIE mask. I understand that you don't want to spend the money for a new mask. However, I depends on how far the rust has progressed, it will return in time. So, in the mean time save up enough money and invest in an FIE mask. Shop around and you can find a FIE mask that will not break your budget. Good luck in your venture and let us know how it turned out
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