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Thread: warm ups

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    warm ups

    what do u think is the best way to warm up before a competition?

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    Stationary bicycle if available. Running stairs if not. Jogging if neither is available. Followed by a stretching regimen and then perhaps some light bouting.

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    Light jog, long enough to get the legs warm and break a light sweat. Thorough stretching routine, a good ten-fifteen minutes. Footwork. Bouting with other fencers, light and relaxed to begin with, then getting more intense. Put all warm-ups on, drink. stay warm.

    I usually start my warm-up routine an hour before close of check-in at an NAC, half an hour before at a local tournament.
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    I agree with Peach. However, I also like to have a lesson if my coach (or another coach I know and trust) is there. I find this helps me to be more disciplined and technical and gives me a bit of comfidence.


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    Depends....states its twice round the gym, yoga stretches and then a warm up bout and foot work.
    National depends where it is.....
    Adelaide my warm up is the 10 minute walk from the hotel up the hill to Seymour College, then stretching and footwork while Denise does roll call.
    Sydney its 2 laps of all the netball courts, stretching and then maybe a bout and/or footwork.
    Nationals are in Perth this year and Ive never been there, so if anyone knows what the venue is like please tell!
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    I always heard that you want to sober up right before your event. So the night before the tournament, party like a rock star, go to the them smelling like alcohol/ and like the floozy you had the night before and kick some butt.

    It does work. I've won countless competitions. And if my performance doesn't mean much, then I know several people who done that before NAC's, WC's or whatever and they done remarkably well.

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