Maitre d'Armes/Fencing Coach for Gothenburg Fencing Club, Sweden

Maitre d'Armes/Fencing Coach with epee as a primary weapon of choice is needed at
Göteborgs Fäktklubb (Gothenburg Fencing Club, GFK).
GFK is one of the biggest and most successful fencing clubs in Sweden and has been so for most
of the sports history, being founded in 1911.

During the last century GFK-fencers won many medals and achieved impressive results in the
Olympic Games, World Championships, European Championships as well as in the Swedish
National Championships and Nordic Championships. Some of the most outstanding records belong
to Björne Väggö (Epee Olympic Silver 1984), Jennie Lönnbro (Epee Cadet World Champion 1991)
and Emma Samuelsson (Epee Junior World Champion 2006, Vice European Champion 2007 and
Olympic Quarter Finalist in Beijing 2008).

The club also has a very successful youth organization and has won the title ”Best Club” at the
Swedish Youth National Championships for four years in a row 2008-2011.
Our current Maitre d'Armes, Mr. Sergiy Paramanov, is retiring after almost 15 years of service in
the club and we are now looking for his replacement.

GFK is a fencing club that offers education in both foil and epee. We currently have about 150
students, on all different levels and different ages. One of our main objectives for the coming years
is to grow bigger.We are located in down-town Gothenburg, a city of a little over 500.000 people.
The Coach Position we now offer will be focused on epee, but as a coach at the club you are a part
of a coaching team. Together, you are responsible for the clubs development as a whole.

You will be responsible for:
• developing and following fencing students from young beginners to the senior level
• overseeing and leading the entire program of the students (e.i. not only fencing, but their
general physical and mental training too as well as their awareness of nutrition)
• ececuting the educational idea of the club together with the rest of the team of coaches,
meaning that the group of students should be trained as a team
• that the students are coached in the best possible way, in relation to their individual needs
• that the students get useful coaching during competitions
• the devepoment of the students in the longterm perspective and for every student reaching
his/her individual potential

Your qualifications:
We are looking for someone who has an educational background and experience of working as a
Maitre d'Armes/Fencing Coach. A degree as a teacher in psysichal education is viewed as
meritorious, and you should have documentation on your previous achievments as a fencing coach.
You must feel comfortable in your role as a representative of GFK, on a national as well as
international level.

You must be focused on high level performance and results as well as being prepared to cooperate.
You will show this through your will to achieve the goals we set up. You must have a very good
ability to plan and organize your work at the club, and then work with structure, focusing on the
long term development.
As Maitre d'Armes/Fencing Coach at GFK you must be able to give energy, inspiration and
commitment. Your communicative ability and your obvious leadership will pull out the best out of
your students.

Possibilities with the position:
With the goals of GFK (to continue our development and become the leading Fencing Club in
Northern Europe – a realistic goal considering the large area of recruiting possibilities that the city
of Göteborg offers) the position will make blue sky thinking a reality.

Terms and conditions:
We will use a temporary employment form (visstidsanställning). After one year the idea is that we
change the employment form to a more steady form (tillsvidareanställning).
Documentation of a clean criminal record is mandatory.
The position is a full time job (or after agreement)
You'll start working at the club after agreement with the Board of Directors.
You'll get a monthly salary.
We want you to send your application as soon as possible, since we are constantly interviewing
people. Attach your CV.
Send your applications via e-mail to:
The Board of Directions
Göteborgs Fäktklubb (GFK)