jacket arm length?
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Thread: jacket arm length?

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    jacket arm length?

    While going through the referee study guide I came to the question about length of the gauntlet, and was reminded of an issue I had with a fencer who had extremely long arms (for some strange reason he was fencing Epee. Go figure). Anyway, the kids jacket arms we're too short to stay under the gauntlet of his glove. I required him to get a new jacket, but today, I could not find an actual statement in the material rules that said how much of the arm the jacket had to cover (only reference I could find was that it had to cover the entierty of the trunk in Epee and foil).

    Sooo.... Just to be pendantic, anyone know if there is an actual written specification on the length of the sleeve of the jacket, or can someone show up with cut off sleeves and a glove and insist on fencing? (ahh hyperbole, what would I do without you? )
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    Obviously the jacket was unsuitable. In the rules, m.25.1 or at a stretch m.25.2 can justify changing it.

    .25. The national uniform includes the socks, the breeches, the jacket, and the conductive
    jacket at foil and sabre (cf. m.28, m.34).
    1. Protection: The equipment and clothing must provide the competitor with the
    maximum protection compatible with the freedom of movement necessary for
    2. Safety: It must not be possible for the opponent to be obstructed or injured by
    the equipment, nor for it to have either buckles or openings in which the
    opponent’s point may be caught up — except accidentally — and thus held or
    deflected. The jacket and its collar must be completely buttoned or done up.

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