Documents: Div II/III JO Y14 Qualifiers Ops
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Thread: Documents: Div II/III JO Y14 Qualifiers Ops

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    Documents: Div II/III JO Y14 Qualifiers Ops

    In one of several threads the question of the preferred method of holding a Div II/III, JO, Y14 qualifier and how to assign qualifying spots has come up. Originally I found one description in a pdf on the USFA website titled "How CombinedDiv23QualifiersWork.pdf". But I thought I located the same or similar material in one of the official USFA documents, ?Operations_Manual_21_Dec_11?. But I've been through that one, the ops manual, and haven't able to locate the same detailed description.

    Can anyone point me where that particular passage might be located? While the "How Combined..." is useful, the same material in an "Official" USFA document would have more of a cachet of approval.

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    You found a document that provides the explanation you're looking for on the USA Fencing website, but don't trust that what our NGB posts to their own website is official?

    Leaving that aside, look at Appendix 2.8 in the Athlete Handbook. It contains what you seem to be looking for.

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