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Thread: For SALE Allstar fencing suit, Prieur mask and epee gear for URGENT SALE

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    For SALE Allstar fencing suit, Prieur mask and epee gear for URGENT SALE

    Hi All,

    I have used but new looking fencing gear sitting around not getting used. I'm moving overseas in two months and urgently need it gone. Make and offer, just need it out the way!!!!!
    If your interested contact me and i'll send photos etc

    1 Prieur mask (they tend to fit more narrow than usual, i found it was the only one that didnt move around on my head!)

    1x Allstar Startex Super Light FIE 800N female (279.63 new, so get yourself a bargain!!!!)
    1x allstar startex breeches female

    2x epee, pistol grip
    2x french grips
    1x brand new unused epee blade (can find out brand for you)
    1x brand new allstar socks size 39-41



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    Sizes of mask, jacket, pants, etc. would be good. And telling us your location and where you would be willing to ship to would also be helpful....

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    Yes, sizes would be helpful, also left- or right- handed, please?

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    Yes, sizes, your location, left/right handed......need more information, please. Thanks.

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