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Thread: New application for club management

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    New application for club management


    I have recently developed a new application that is designed to help fencing club owners keep track of members, member information, referee information, usfa information, inventory for equipment sales, a point of sale "cash register", and it keeps tracks of lessons and membership fees.

    It is really a database with a very user friendly user interface. It will run on any computer with a free download of Access 2010 Runtime. This will allow you to run the application and add and remove from the database, but you will not be able to change the design.

    I am currently adding the final touches and I am looking for some feedback to see if anyone would be interested in having this for their club. I am currently implementing it at the club I attend and it is working well. If there are specific improvements that would make it more desirable I would like to hear them. I am curious to hear demand for such an application. I can provide screen shots if need be. Thank you in advance for your comments.
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    A few quick questions...

    1. Does it run on Mac systems?
    2. Can you run reports on it? (Reports for things like: all your fencers born in 1995 or earlier; members in a certain program between August and October; OR financial reports: how many epee wires you sold; profit & loss, etc.)
    3. Could you track gear that was checked out to fencers? (Johnny Smith: Jacket #5, Mask #72, etc.)
    4. Could you track competitive results for individual fencers?

    We would be interested in playing with it, as we currently use a mix of Quickbooks and Mac Bento to track things like what you mentioned. Good luck - sounds like something that would be helpful for small to mid-sized clubs.

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    Keep us updated. I would definitely be interested in well made software like this.
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    That sounds interesting. I would be willing to give it a try also.

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    It currently cannot run on a mac. Though talking to some I am looking for solutions to make it web based. Otherwise summersjk it does all of those things. I am looking to put out a demo to those interested. If you would like a demo copy pm me.
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    I may about to open a can of worms, but if you write it in java then it would be portable for the most part. I know it java and it's a hog for system resources but that would solve the problem. Then you can use an open source embedded db or even flat files like xml.

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    1: Java sucks.
    2: While it's a resource hog I doubt that the largest fencing club in the US would have enough table entries to make this an issue.
    3: Is it webscale?
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