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    mask cord undone

    What is the official rule about an after the fact recognition of an undone mask cord in saber?

    Specifically, this scenario: Fencer B on the right makes a direct attack and scores a one light touch. Well after the point has concluded and the touch tallied, bystanders indicate to the ref that Fencer B's mask cord is undone, and insist it was off during the point. It is possible, of course, for the cord to have been dislodged during the action.

    The ref, however; did not see any missing cord connection, or call halt. After vigorous discussion, the ref annuls Fencer B's point, and brings both fencers en garde at the place where the last action took place.

    Correct call or not?
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    The specific rule is:

    t.73.2. However, the Referee must take into account any possible malfunctions in the electrical equipment; in particular he must annul a hit he has just awarded in accordance with a signal from the apparatus if it can be established, by tests carried out under his attentive supervision, before the bout has effectively re-started and with no changes having been made to the equipment (cf. t.35.2.d):
    — that a hit made by the fencer judged to have been hit does not cause the apparatus to register.

    The rules aside, the specific scenario you describe has a number of elements that are not fully covered in the rules.

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    t.73.2, and 73.4 a) and c)

    Provided the ref actually did observe the loose lead himself (and confirm that it would or does prevent a valid head cut from registering) before action re-started, it's correct. Maybe he should have noticed it himself rather than bystanders or the opposing fencer having to point it out, but once the problem is known it must annul the touch scored immediately prior by that fencer. Whether it came undone during the action is irrelevant.

    However if "the bout has effectively re-started," it's too late; point stands. I take this to mean that actual fencing has re-started, not that fencers have been placed back on guard and the ref called, "Fence! [immediately notices bystander/coach/fencer yelling something]Halt! What's that you say, loose mask lead?"


    -don't delay in pointing out observed or suspected irregularities in the equipment.
    -make sure your mask lead and other connections are secure or risk having a touch annulled.

    How'd I do, Mr Moderator?

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