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Thread: Foil blade

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    Foil blade

    I want to buy a new practise foil blade as mine was broken.
    I usually buy the uhlmann standard non-electric foil blade with dummy point.But I heard of some unwired blade(bare blade),what it is?Is it the same of non-electric blade?Can I buy one bare blade and put on the dummy point by myself so it makes practise blade,is it the way like this?
    Or,which non-electric blade is the best now?

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    A "dry", "steam" or "non-electric" blade is generally one that is intended solely for use with a dry/steam/non-electric weapon. It usually has a small metal plate welded to the end for securing a rubber or plastic tip. It may or may not be similar to an electric blade - some manufacturers simply make one type of blade, then modify them in the finishing stages for either non-electric or electric use while others make blades which are completely different - I've seen some so thin at the foible that if you were to try and cut a groove you would probably end up cutting right through the blade.

    A bare blade is simply an electric blade that has not been wired. It will have a groove cut into it for the wire and will be threaded at the end for screwing on an electric point. It is possible to screw a dummy tip onto the end of a bare blade and use it as a non-electric practice weapon (or you can simply screw on a real electric point and leave out the wire). It is also possible to screw an electric point onto the end, glue a wire down in the groove and turn your bare blade into a wired one. If you compete with an electric blade but are looking for a non-electric practice weapon then this may be a suitable compromise since it will retain most of the feel of your electric blade.

    A wired blade is an electric blade that has an electric point mounted at the end, a wire glued into place and is ready to be mounted into an electric weapon.

    As far as which non-electric blade is best - in all honesty most of them suck. Probably the best one would be whatever is closest to your electric blade - hence my recommendation for a bare blade with a dummy tip.
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    Foil Fencing.

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