What type of fencing should I do?
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Thread: What type of fencing should I do?

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    What type of fencing should I do?

    I am doing a beginner fencing camp and we are learning sabres, but we are having the camp at a local school and the club running it is pretty far away. The only club near us only does foil and epee and I really like sabre. I really wanna get a practice sword soon so I wanna know what you guys think I should do.

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    Obviously you should fence MY weapon since it is the best out there and all others are benerath my notice!!!

    Or.... really, the best bet is to fence what you like.

    Having said that, it is easier to fence what you like if there is a club nearby with lots of other people fencing the same weapon. Barring that I would suggest that you fence what the local club is offering as their primary weapon, and as you get better and more involved in fencing, you may be able to convince the local coach to work with you in saber as well.

    Good luck, and may you become as addicted to fencing as most of us on this board are!
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    Sabre is fun. But so is foil and epee.

    I agree with Erik. Try what the local club likes. Odds are, you'll like it too. =)

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    You don't necessarily have to limit yourself to just one weapon, either. Specialization may be the norm at the moment, but it wasn't always thus, and there are still a lot of people who do two or even all three. You could do foil at the nearby club and sabre whenever you can get to the other one---and meantime try insidiously to subvert foilists into doing sabre with you. ( I say foil because it's the other ROW weapon. And because, well, epee is ridiculous. )
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    Just keep in mind that the three weapon ARE different. You can develop technique in one that is a bad habit when used with another weapon.

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    At my group lesson a couple weeks ago, we were introduced to the three weapons, and the differences in how one scores. Coach said that there's no real reason to rush the decision, and that very often the weapon chooses the fencer.
    Being such a beginner, I wonder which weapon I'll go with, but am pretty relaxed about making the decision until I gain some experience.
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    Epee owns my heart, foil owns my head.

    Seriously, follow your instincts. If you prefer sabre, ask at the club that you're near and see if they'll consider adding it to their schedule.
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