Going to concentrate now....
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Thread: Going to concentrate now....

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    Going to concentrate now....

    Hi all!

    My name's Sarah (you probably guessed that <)

    I've been fencing on and off for about 7 years (injuries, moving house etc) but have decided I want to stick at it now.

    And awful question coming up - does anyone know where I can buy cheap but decent gear? I've always stuck by Leon Paul in the past, but my old kit no longer fits me that well, and I need some new stuff... Second hand will be fine if anybody knows of anywhere!

    Thanks, and hi

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    Well, Leon Paul is gold. I also like Negrini FIE whites. The new fencers at my club usually go with Absolute's stretchy stuff, which is quite nice.

    I can't comment on lames.

    What will you be fencing? And how much do you want to spend?

    YAY for coming back to fencing!
    Sometimes adrenalin is more instructive than meditation. So, in between screaming, try and pay attention.

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