New to fencing, size a problem?
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Thread: New to fencing, size a problem?

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    New to fencing, size a problem?

    Hello all,

    I am new to fencing, and very interested in getting started. I am 6'3'' 325lb wanted to get some thoughts on this being a big problem? I do not aspire to become an amazing fencer, just looking for something fun to do and compete with others near by. I am not worried about quickness or ability to move around on the floor. Just wanted to see what others thought prior to jumping in.

    Thanks in advance for the replies!

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    Interestingly enough there currently happens to be a thread in "Fencing Discussion" entitled "Can heavier set people fence?" which may answer your question.

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    I am 5'4 and right around 190 lbs. I just started fencing around a month ago and it's been grand. I would be lying if I said I didn't get the occasional look or comment but I discovered nothing says hilarious like the look on someone's face when he/she thought he/she should be able to beat you by virtue of not being fat and then he/she discovers that someone who spends a lot of time practicing *might* just *might* be able to A) Not immediately die from a fat attack on the strip and B) *GASP* Win (If you get comments about size, ignore them and invite them to a friendly bout of sabre. Works for me, usually). Also, all of the activity of fencing is aiding me in weight loss so it's been all in all a good experience.

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    Size is only an issue if you dont do anything about it. Any sport favors the a fit person, over the out of shape person. I am not one to preach though I am 5'6" 230lbs. How ever i am changing my diet and doing more cardio. If your doing it for fun, then dont worry try to work on personal goals. If your doing for real competition then you may want to cross train to enable you to use your size as an asset.

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    Ha-Ha! Good for YOU!!!

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