Fixing Foil Body Cords
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Thread: Fixing Foil Body Cords

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    Fixing Foil Body Cords

    I was trying to fix a body cord and I forgot which wire goes with which prong.

    From the 3 prong socket - does the middle prong attach to the skinny prong or the fatter prong on the two prong socket?

    Or does it matter which one is attached to which one?

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    Short answer: middle goes to skinny.

    Long answer: there are 3 lines on a body cord. Starting from the outside pin closer to the middle one, they are labeled A, B and C.

    For foil/sabre the A line (close to the middle) goes to the alligator lame clip.

    The B line goes to the skinny pin on a 2 prong, or the center of a bayonet. This is then connected to the wire that runs the length of the blade.

    The C line (farthest from the center pin) goes to the fat pin, or the outside of a bayonet. The C line is ALWAYS connected to the bellguard and blade itself, all 3 weapons. It can be considered ground (save for sabre technically).

    I hope this helps, it's usually easier to remember how to put things together if you know how it works.
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    Ah......Got it.

    I looked everywhere on line and couldn't find the answer.

    I saw Craig's 17 second video on Youtube and that was about it. lol....

    thank you!

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    Another helpful hint....if your cord has a black line running down one of the lines....that's the C line. B would be the other one (in foil) and A the one that's separate from the rest (in foil).

    For epee...from the striped C line, B is in the middle, and A the other outside one.

    And DOES matter where the lines go....always.
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